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70 years have passed by and we have made ourselves proud year after year by breaking barriers and becoming the largest democracy in the world. For 200 years the British ruled over our country or so they say. The myth of 200 years of the British rule is still a number put forward to form an appeasing statement.

200 years of British rule!!! Yes that definitely sounds astonishing. However it wasn’t until the suppression of the revolt of 1857 that the country was transferred to the British lords. They took 100 years to conquer the nation and ruled for 90. But 200 years does sound better than 90! 1757 dated their first win as they captured Bengal and went on a 100 year quest to establish their rule over the great nation.

Well as they say ‘What’s done is done’ and these 70 years have shown our accomplishments to the entire world. In 2009, the then President Barack Obama spoke about a formidable rival when it comes to education. ‘The Indians are coming at us and they are coming at us hard. We need to pick up the pace.’ These words showcased the rising talent of the Indian students and have been the reason for an increase of foreign universities showing an interest in the Indian sector. IEDC BLED is one such university that took the initiative of finding raw talent in India by joining hands with Akademia.

Indian Entrepreneurs like Azim Premji, Ratan Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani and many more have led us to a belief that it’s time for us to take the world by a storm. They have promoted numerous other aspiring Entrepreneurs to succeed in their quest. However no country is perfect on their own and we do face our own issues like poverty and under-developed cities. Where there are rich there also exist the poor and it is high time for us to balance the equation. Education plays the major role in this by uplifting many underdogs of the market to a well-established career. KarsanBhai Patel is one such bewildering success story to remember at this point. Born into a family of farmers he started his career as a Lab Technician at New Cotton Mills and rose to establish a 7000cr worth firm known as NIRMA. With numerous efforts being put into the education sector by the government we are sure to create more of these success stories in the coming years.

Akademia took upon itself to build a path for such aspiring Entrepreneurs to craft business giants in a field of businesses worldwide. With Our Teams can-do attitude and our tie-up with IEDC BLED, Slovenia we have successfully created many entrepreneurs, let alone the vast number of students mentored by our CEO Mr Nilesh Sarawate throughout his journey.

‘The success of the young entrepreneur will be the key to India’s transformation in the new millennium’ rightly said by Late Dhirubhai Ambani, we aim to develop our beloved nation by helping the young buds succeed.
For 70 years the world has seen us as a developing nation, the rest will surely show our pinnacles.

Happy Independence Day.
Jay Hind!!!

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