The IEDC–Bled School of Management, founded 30 years ago as the first business school of its type in Central and Eastern Europe, is one of the leading international management development institutions in Europe.

It is a place where leaders come to learn and reflect, an international centre of excellence in management development, a business meeting point, and a unique place where works of art complement a creative environment for creative leadership. Some of the world's most eminent professors and consultants teach here, and participants attend from all over the world. The total number of participants since the establishment until today stands at more than 80,000 from 85 countries.

Aiming to nurture future world leaders, Akademia Educational Trust and IEDC laid the foundation for a formal cooperation in management and leadership development. With this Akademia aspires to strengthen the management aspirants and make them a part of this coopertion that showcases the economic and social development of the countries. A study trip to Slovenia, Germany and Austria enables students to acquire a deep understanding about the foreign markets eventually grow into gobal leaders.