Global Graduate Program In Business Elite

1. What is GGPB Elite?
This program encompasses the capability and eligibility criteria. GGPB Elite is a Post Graduate Program designed specifically for 12+ students who wish to crack into the Ivy League. With a Mumbai University correspondence B.Com and rigorous training sessions, this program enables student to be on par with the eligibility criteria for the Ivy League Institutions.

2. Why is this kind of program necessary?
GGPB Elite is a three-year B.Com course that combines knowledge of economics, business cultures, Multi-Linguistic environments and social development skills. Together, they provide a broad-based multidisciplinary foundation t0 the curriculum. Moreover, these courses help the students to develop their capabilities, unlike any other conventional programs that only focus on eligibility. The use of Test Preps enables us to prepare students for the Ivy League Institutions and helps them in building a strong profile.

3. What is GGPB Elite’s Promise?
GGPB Elite promises absolute capability building to ensure that students crack into the Ivy League and pursue post graduate courses from Premier Institutions. It also makes sure that the students are transformed into world class graduates and stand fully prepared for the world’s top premier Institutes.

4. The Course will be a six semester program with 7 parameters of Ivy League profile builder:
· Aptitude
· Soft Skills – Marketability Attitude
· Business – Corporate – Leadership orientation
· Research Paper & Domain abilities
· Eligibility Criteria (Graduation)
· Societal Orientation & NGO documented evidence
· Cross Culture – Global Exposure – (10 countries)

5. What are the eligibility criteria for the program?
Minimum 70% in plus 2 across any stream.

6. What is the fee for GGPB Elite?
Fees for the GGPB Elite is structured at Rs. 15 Lacs for the complete 3 years, all International trips will be applicable on additional costs.

7. How do I fund my education?
This is a self-financed program.

8. Is GGPB Elite recognized by Government approved authority? Any statutory Declaration?
Statutory declaration: GGPB Elite is purely Career Oriented program grooming students for the Ivy League Institutions; however this program has incorporated M.U. correspondence B.Com to cover the eligibility criteria and thus, the degree is Government recognized.

Statutory Declaration: The program is administered by IEIBS in adherence to the statutory bodies for its assessments process, however the nal decision will be taken by IEIBS partner institute’s Management or Trusteesthat provides the certication.