GGPB - Global Graduate Program in Business - (3 year graduation degree)

The necessity to get a typical, BCOM/BAF/BE/BSC/BMS degrees or a BBA degree, MBA degree has become passé. Now avenues for in-depth and more applicable courses have opened up which is more career and business oriented. Global Graduate Program in Business is a graduation program which can be taken after passing 12th (HSC). GGPB IPGPB & GGPB + FMB are currently the best available courses after 12th or HSC providing High mileage alternative for students looking for BBA or BBA&MBA or other relative degrees.

This program is equivalent to a graduation degree and is built to enhance capability in aspiring graduates. Statistics have proven that in Mumbai, more than 160000 graduates pass out every year. In this huge number of pass-outs, only 3% of these graduates have any employability skill base. In addition to this, most graduates suffer from Low Confidence Syndrome attributed to their poor communication skills thereby leading to poor self-esteem. This happens because the graduation or post-graduation courses offered are more curriculum based and not need based or interest based.

Understanding the need for a more robust and skill enhancing program, IEIBS & NIMS team of educational experts have designed a graduation course module - GGPB - Global Graduate Program in Business. GGPB is an attempt to build the capability set amongst HSC students or graduates of any discipline, so that they are able to hold their own in the competitive business and career market. Becoming supremely popular, GGPB in Mumbai or India are way ahead of any bachelor’s degree. Admission into this program will ensure that they pursue post-graduation in the world’s Ivy League institutions or get employment in the fortune 500 companies thus enabling them to achieve substantial growth.

GGPB focuses more on capability building through its unique IPR DOS MANOS TEORIA (DMT) - laying emphasis on building self-esteem, greater confidence levels, enhancing communication skills, cross border cultural understanding through participative training pedagogies that include case studies, seminars, international exposure, industrial visits, internships, global exchanges and so on. The difference between BBA & GGPB is substantial. BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration offered in top BBA colleges in Mumbai or India focuses more on Academics where in the market application of the BBA course, subjects or Syllabus doest not provide an upper edge to its students in their respective careers, whereas, GGPB provides more of advanced and practical learning through its dual degree program.

GGPB’s Promise

GGPB promises absolute capability building to ensure that students pursue Post Graduation courses from Premier Institutions which will give them an edge over others in the career market. GGPB‘s program promises to make its graduates comparable or at par with the best in the world.

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