Conventional Graduation degrees like BCOM/BAF/BE/BSC/BMS/BBI/BA and others focus on mere syllabus of the University of Mumbai (or any other) thereby making these students merely Eligible through degrees to pursue post graduation or employment. On a capability scale ranging from 1 – 10: More than 97% Graduates passing out are not even at level 2 and hardly get desired employment.

GGPB ensure that it focuses on capability building through its unique IPR DOS MANOS TEORIA(DM)- lays emphasis on building self esteem-confidence-communication-multilingual skills-multi cultural exposure-industrial visits-internships-global exchanges and so on – so that a student is at minimum 9 level (on a scale of 0 to 10) on the capability set.

GGPB also ensures that the eligibility criteria’s are taken care so that the GGPB pass out meets all the statutory eligibility requirements of any post graduate course. The eligibility degrees offered include BCOM of Mumbai University, BBA of either national or international institution. GGPB emphasizes on purely capability building since the choice of a statutory degree is on minimal significance in Career Building. IEIBS reserves the right to admit students in any of the degree courses to meet the eligibility criteria of post graduation based on student’s interest, aptitude and skills.