I was sitting with my grandfather, going through his childhood pictures.  Browsing through the album, I found a picture in which he was holding his HSC Board Examination result. This led to a discussion about the education system prevalent in those days and the way the education system has taken a leap in the current scenario.  During the conversation, it occurred to me that if grandfather had pursued a higher education, he would have been at a different level today.  Curious, I questioned him about the same.  From his reply, I understood that during his time they did not have a vast option where education was concerned, nor was there much motivation for higher studies. He pointed out that today the scenario is different. Today, one can choose any field, or any career and not limit oneself to few choices as in the olden days. This brought me to the thought that today anyone can be whatever they want just with one factor, which is progressive EDUCATION.

Education is like a sword that can cut down all the problems in one’s life. Today education is most essential for surviving in this globe with increasing competition. Well it’s not the 90’s wherein you have completed your education till the 12th and then get on a job and struggle for the rest of your life. Hello? Its 2016! There are ample options out there to upgrade yourself. Various degrees, post-graduation, courses, training, coaching etc. the list does not end.

Do you want to be crammed like fishes in a can and struggle getting on a job?  Wouldn’t you like to be earning a lot more than what you otherwise would be earning after finishing your 12th or graduation?

Isn’t it evident? It’s obvious. These higher studies options are provided by various colleges, universities, institutions and scholarships. Higher studies help an individual to have a better career option. A better chance to live their life. Research say that an individual who has pursued higher studies have a longer life span than ones who haven’t. This is because of being able to earn a better lifestyle, healthier diet, no dependence on government, less of stress, greater knowledge of happenings, self-confidence, etc. Going for higher studies is like kneading a dough for bread, the more you knead the dough the better the bread is! And of course you are going to enjoy the result.

Not only graduation and post graduations are the options but also different programs are available for today’s generation to upgrade themselves with. For eg. The latest on the chart is various Family Managed Business Programs. This program is to help the family to run their business in an enhanced way. Earlier families used the same old techniques and methods to conduct their business, not allowed women to participate and the only decision maker was the karta.

But now with the help of this program the families can learn how to get out of the traditional methods of conducting their business where as once these businesses were not suitable for large scale but now even that is possible. Just like a teacher is specialized for teaching and adapting with children so does this program specialize the families to conduct their business. FMB can be a great advantage for the family business as it will grant them knowledge which will save time, labour, capital by being able to take proper decisions for the business. The families can learn various skills and have better outreach.

Well there are a lot of colors in the box, you are the artist.  Pick any one of them and start your work. These colors are educational options, the various shades that can brighten your life. Want to upgrade yourself? Begin NOW!

Coming back to my grandfather, I admire him so much. A well-read person who kept updating and upgrading himself and his knowledge base, even in that limited sphere of education.  I am sure he would have worked wonders if he had the choices we now have.

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